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Using donor sperm at home can save a
great deal of money! Did you know that
one insemination at a doctor's office can
cost you over $1,000.00 and is NOT
covered by most insurance companies?
Artificial Insemination using donor sperm
from a sperm bank usually runs anywhere
from $150.00 per vial to $300.00 per vial!
This is because of the washing and
cryropreservation they do in order to ship
the sperm to your doctor for intra-uterine
insemination! Finding a sperm bank that
will ship sperm to your home isn't an
easy task. Most sperm banks require
your samples to be sent to your physician.
How awkward it is to have to go to the
doctor to get knocked up! That's definately not natural to me. To me, a doctor is there to assist us in delivering, not installing! It's much less stress doing home-inseminations, and also much more natural. Infertile/Childless couples shouldn't have to sacrifice everything, including their pride, to have children. With home-inseminations you can make babies like the rest of the world! Privately, in your own bedroom, like normal, fertile human beings do. No need to announce to the family that your being inseminated! Save it for later, when you give the final announcement. "I'm Pregnant!"

Home-Inseminations is here for you! With Home-Inseminations you'll get the information and support that you need while trying to conceive at home.
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